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Cattaraugus Community Action Center—This project was initiated by our Term Contract with the NYS OTDA (Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance) in collaboration with the HHAC (Homeless Housing and Assistance Corporation) and partially funded/monitored by DASNY (Dormitory Authority State of New York).

This building not only provides housing for the homeless on the upper floors but, also provides education, guidance and a food pantry to help support the local community. EI Team was asked to inspect the facility and make recommendations. Our recommendations concluded that the former 100+ year old elementary school was in structurally sound condition but was in desperate need of emergency repairs to remove the delaminating face brick as a safety precaution, a permanent repair to the fascia, complete repointing of both the brick and the foundation, a complete roof replacement which includes two lower cornice roofs which have all tested positive for asbestos and a complete window replacement which requires lead abatement.

The existing roof is a EPDM roof which is covering a built-up roofing system, including some ballast that was never removed. The new mechanically fastened PVC roof will be installed after a complete tear off, deck replacement and a new layer of fire resistant board, insulation and a cover board.

The windows will be new energy efficient, vinyl windows designed to mimic the historical design of the original windows. As additional funding was awarded from CIF (Community Investment Fund) and Section 8 the project was expanded to include interior restoration work caused by the water infiltration. We have included replacement of the damaged woodwork, drywall, plaster, ceilings and flooring.