West Seneca Fire District

West Seneca Fire District


West Seneca Fire District #2 New Fire Station/Disaster Recovery Center

EI Team was retained to design and build a seven bay fire station and disaster recovery facility. EI Team provided complete site design including all civil concerns, site lighting, building location, circulation, placement of proposed athletic fields, parking, landscaping, playground, training areas and monument locations.

EI Team worked with the DEC and the Army Corps of Engineers to resolve site issues prior to construction. Although there were no wetlands indicated by any documentation, undocumented isolated wetlands were found. After research we determined one was actually an abandoned foundation from a house that had been relocated. EI Team provided the civil solution to protecting the isolated wet lands and harnessing all of the runoff for the property.

EI Team provided Architectural and Engineering Services in addition to preparing the complete SEQR Full Environmental Assessment Form (EAF), SWPPS all interaction with both the community, the Town the Army Corps of Engineers and the DEC.

The fire Station/Disaster Recovery 15,509 sq. ft. area includes administrative offices, training facilities, a fireman day area, disaster recovery area which can support approximately 150 misplaced residents and support areas including a commercial kitchen and bathroom facilities with showers and a family facility. The Disaster Recovery Area has been designed as a multi-purpose area which can be used by the fire district for fundraisers as well as leased out for community events.

Total square footage of the building is 25,141 which includes 9,632 sq. ft. for a seven bay garage. The garage also includes a mechanics area and mezzanine equipment storage area. The emergency generator supporting the disaster recovery area will be located within the garage to protect from weather and vandalism.

Construction Completed: 2017
Contact: Gary Mack (716) 895-1111
Size: 25,141 sq. ft.
Cost: $6,360,791

Interior & Bays
Rooftop Units
Mechanical Room
Training Room
Disaster Recovery
Day Room Recreation Area
West Seneca Fire District