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Client: City of Tonawanda
Facility: Sports Facility
Size: N/A
Status: Completed 2008

Energy Performance Contract - E.I. Team was retained by Siemens to provide design and construction support services for the Tonawanda Aquatic Center.  This project required the resizing of all handling units and roof top air conditioning systems, as well as boilers for pool heating.

The air handling units for ventilation and dehumidification were sized correctly and mounted on the roof to free-up space in the Mechanical Room.  A heat recovery system was installed to recoup heat that was previously exhausted to the outside.  The system is arranged to provide outside air at ideal times to cool the pool areas instead of using refrigerated air, thus improving the savings on energy.  Presently only one air handling unit is equipped with a cooling coil.

The first floor Mechanical Room was renovated to accommodate a new layout.  A pool heater, two boilers and three hot water heaters were removed.  They were replaced by two hot water boilers and four heat exchangers.  There was concern that if the main swimming pool was filling that there would be a shortage of domestic hot water.  This was rectified by installing a modulating valve that would restrict the flow to the pool when domestic hot water is called for. There were several roof top HVAC units that needed to be resized and replaced.  Load calculations were performed on heat gain in the areas and the units sized accordingly.