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Client: Niagara County Dept. of Public Works
Facility: Government
Size: Various
Status: Professional Services completed in 2006

The new fire training tower, located in Wheatfield, NY, will service Niagara County.  Included in this project is the foundation work for the tower, installation of a new tower, paved roadway to the tower, catch basin installation and storm drains for water runoff from fire hose or rain from paved areas, site lighting, installation of a new power source for the tower and site lighting, fire hydrant installation, installation of a roofed straw/wood storage building, and layout of a paved parking lot.

The second phase involved improvements to the Lockport facility that has an existing fire tower.  This encompasses the installation of a straw/wood storage, second floor burn room relining, new roadway access, installation of auto extraction pad, installation of confined space tank, rest area shelter, storage and training facility, gas training area, addition of site lighting, installation and additional fire hydrant.