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Client: Siemens Building Technologies (E.I. Team served as consultant)
Facility: Healthcare
Size: NA
Status: Professional services completed in 2008

E.I. Team was retained by Siemens to provide design and construction support services for the Kenmore Mercy Hospital Energy Performance Contract.  Due to changes in operation and system requirements, the boiler and chilled water systems were out of balance and size.  Two boilers and one chiller were removed.  In place of them were two new chillers and one boiler.  One of the chillers was smaller in size and acted as a backup for when cooling loads were low. Only one boiler was installed because analysis found that it wasn’t required due to heat loss improvements throughout the Hospital. 

Sequencing of equipment installation was critical.  Only after the smaller chiller was installed could the larger chiller be removed and replaced with a new unit.  Space for moving in the equipment was critical and measurements were taken all along the suggested path to its new location.  Sequence of operation of the boilers and chillers was performed by E.I. Team and implemented by Siemens.

An electrical source was needed to supply power to the new small chiller.  Working along with the maintenance staff at Kenmore Mercy Hospital a source was located.  The system was then connected to an emergency power switchboard sized by E.I. Team.  In addition, an automatic transfer switch was provided.