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Client: Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority
Facility: Residential
Size: Various
Status: Professional services completed 2008

E.I. Team was retained by Siemens to provide design and construction support services for the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority (BMHA) Energy Performance Contract at various locations.  Involved in the projects are the following:

BMHA was provided by E.I. Team an economic analysis on decentralizing a steam boiler system.  Siemens agreed with the report and implemented the project.  The existing boiler system consisted of two boilers located in a central area and steam dispersed underground to the apartment buildings.  Maintenance cost was high in maintaining just the underground piping and system leakage.  The new design provided a boiler room connected to each building exterior.  The boilers were high efficiency condensing type hot water.  BMHA saved over $800,000 the first year of operation.

Several apartment locations had electric heating.  These units were replaced with either natural gas hydronic heating or natural gas warm air ductless units.  The buildings were old and required special attention for the new installations.

On a high rise building, the roof top units were converted into multi-zone units which aided in a better temperature control and uniformity throughout the building by use of variable air volume boxes.

At one building complex air-cooled condensing units replaced existing water-cooled compressors based on economics and energy savings.  This also decreased the maintenance on the units.

Probably one of the simplest changes was the replacement of standard domestic hot water heaters with condensing gas water heaters.  Special consideration was given on the discharge of the condensate since drains weren’t readily available.

Properties included: