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Delphi Conference Room

Client: Delphi Thermal Systems (Lockport, NY)
Facility: Office/ renovation
Size: Complex
Status: Construction completed in 1999

As part of a fifteen (15) year term contract with Delphi Thermal Systems, E.I. Team oversaw a complete renovation of the Executive Conference facility and Administrative areas of Building 6 at the company headquarters in Lockport, New York.  Our firm worked closely with Delphi to renovate and update the corporate administrative areas, lobbies, elevators and full design and construction of a state of the art video conferencing facility. 

Addtionally, E.I. Team worked with Delphi renovate an existing 20,000 SF facility and modify another 20,000 SF facility in order to create a new Test Facility for automotive air conditioning components.  A total of over 40 custom designed test stands, each with an associated sound chamber,  were designed.  Special electrical and air conditioning requirements were included because of the massive electrical load. E.I Team performed design, construction documents & construction management for this project. Of particular importance was the design, equipment selection, and testing of the individual test stands. The stands are designed for around-the-clock, seven-day/week, unattended operation.  Data acquisition integrity is ensured by UPS equipment, which backs up critical circuits.

Finally, another Delphi project that E.I. Team was involved in was additions and renovations to the third floor of Building 58. A new (12,000 sf) third story addition to an existing building to provide for expansion needs.  New spaces include labs, administrative offices, ancillary locker/toilet areas,

Overall, E.I. Team has been extremely fortunate to have a long-standing term contract relationship with Delphi Thermal Systems.  With a full complement of engineers once housed on site, E.I. Team was heavily involved with projects and equipment support.  This included Delphi’s Lockport, NY headquarters facility, where we housed a group of engineers and technicians working full time managing projects and performing day-to-day support for the Wind Tunnels and Test Lab.   The Wind Tunnels at Delphi Thermal are capable of hot and cold testing, with air speeds up to 110 MPH and dynamometer speeds up to 120 MPH.  The cooling is provided by a central brine system, which can supply brine from –45 deg F to +150 deg F.  We were involved with the design of several tunnel modernization projects, in addition to taking a key role in the planning and implementation of preventive maintenance activities. The Test Lab consists of environmental chambers, vibration and shaker tables, accelerated corrosion chambers, and air flow equipment.  We were responsible for the specification and procurement of new equipment, as well as the design and implementation of test equipment upgrades.

Samples of additional project work included under our term contract with Delphi Thermal included:

  1. Dye Check Booth Ventilation/Bldg 6                
  2. Wash Line Exhaust – Bldg 10                                                             
  3. B7S Development Lab Make Up Air               
  4. Weld Exhaust & Employee Ventilation                                                
  5. Exhaust for Neumann Welder – Bldg 8A                                            

Prototype Welding Hood Ventilation       

  1. Braze Furnace #6
  2. CAB # Impaired Asset Cell                                                                
  3. Cooling Tower Pump Room Ventilation           
  4. Furnace 3&4 Area Ventilation                                                            
  5. Paint System Exhaust Systems                                                            
  6. Flux Dry Oven Ventilation                                
  7. Evaporator Ventilation                                                                        
  8. Process Workshop Exhaust Changes
  9. Vacuum Braze Area Fresh Air Supply                                                
  10. Fresh Air Modifications
  11. Grieve Oven Exhaust                                                                          

Exhaust D785 & D830                                                                      

  1. V-12 Penthouse Awning                                                                    
  2. V-19 Ventilation D490                                                                       
  3. V-20  Ventilation D498                                                                      
  4. Weld exhaust (Out of Process Cell)