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Client: Adelphia Communications Corporation
Facility: Commercial/ Office
Status: N/A

E.I. Team's concept was one of two firms selected for consideration by Adelphia for a signature building located on the majestic waterfront of Buffalo, NY.  The strong, proud heritage of Adelphia is incorporated into this classical design to reflect both the proud traditions of the past, as well as Adelphia’s commitment to the future.

Project Goals
To provide Adelphia and the sister companies of the Rigas Family with preliminary information on the Webster Block to allow for development of a multi-use high rise complex that like all classical buildings, will project a solid image and stand the test of time.

Establish a classic and formal appearance to the building that will withstand the test of time and remain a signature building reflecting the strength of Adelphia and the system companies of the Rigas family.

Provide a functional plan consistent with the exterior that will meet the multi-use nature of this facility.  Provide a streetscape that is friendly to pedestrians, compatible with neighboring buildings and the new waterfront development.